Cathy’s Cancer

A week and a half ago I received an email entitled “Cathy’s Cancer”. My friend, my sister of the heart Cathy had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

At first the title made me mad. Why would we want to embrace it as Cathy’s cancer? We don’t want Cathy to have cancer! We’re not going to accept this cancer, we are going to refuse it, rebuke it and dispatch it!

All day the words “Cathy’s cancer” moved through my brain like a bizzare theme song. It wouldn’t go away, it wouldn’t leave me alone. Sometime during the incessant chorus of “Cathy’s cancer” it hit me. It was Cathy’s cancer and it was her husband’s cancer and her daughter’s cancer and everyone’s cancer who loved her.

It is so hard to have someone you love go through something like this when you are so far away. I am a credit to my German heritage, I think things will be better if I can just DO something. But what can I do in the northwest for someone in Texas? I could pray and I was doing that with intensity. But that wasn’t me doing something, it was me giving something to God. Now I know that God is in control but I also know that I feel better if I can contribute something. I racked my brain to think of what I could do. I am a writer, how could that help?

It was then that God slapped me upside the head and said, “Duh!” My writing would help! I resolved to write Cathy every day, blathering on about my life, my thoughts and the world in general. I would keep connected to her through the daily written contact and she would know that I was there for her.

I’ve written Cathy in the morning, in the evening, in the wee hours of the night when my insomnia refused to allow me any rest. I’ve even written on my iPhone at the veterinarian, sharing with her my concern for my fur child and describing the animals I met while I sat there.

As we dialog I am constantly amazed at Cathy’s faith and her love for the Lord. To know Cathy is a blessing and to see her fight this cancer is an inspiration.

It occurred to me that the journey of Cathy’s cancer is a journey that far too many women have taken. Whether it’s called Cathy’s cancer, Mary’s cancer, Roberta’s cancer it is the cancer of all those who love these women.  It is my prayer that these writings will bring light and hope and understanding to all who read about Cathy’s cancer.

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